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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 9, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:now at eight. no contract no work. bart workers rally as time find out where negotiations stand tonight. 28 hours off period ezpired. whoosh >> reporter: general say they are devastated this has shaken us to our core. the body found in the stairwell confirmed as a patient missing for weeks. whoosh >> reporter:signed sealed and. stolen. you bet it's frustrating a fed=up apartment manager sends us a surveillance tape of one of the postal thieves targeting his tenants. whoosh >> reporter: they're hairy
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they're scary and they are swarming tonight in the bay area. tarantulas on the move. we will show you where. whoosh >> reporter:and the sign says closed. so who did stanley roberts find still roaming muir woods? oh you're from moscow >> pam: our top story tonight. negotiations going on into the night as bart management and workers both say they do stoppage. but with the 60 day cooling >> pam: off period expiring at midnight tomorrow, there are no guarantees. >> pam: all eyes on bart and it's unions tonight. and the 400-thousand commuters who rely on bart want to know. will employees go on strike? we begin our team coverage tonight with kron 4's dan kerman. >> pam: he is live in oakland where bart and it's unions remain at the negotiating table. dan, how are things looking tonight? >> reporter: will they're still at the bargaining table and that is a good sign. we do now know what or if any progress that they are making you >> reporter: man's remains a
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brace of as to if they will be at work friday to operate bart trains once the cooling off period has ended. we hope so. it pants if the board of directors will give us a fair and acceptable package. >> reporter: two sides can still agree on how much bart will have to spend and with the cost to remain tame and replace these trains and worker spiri >> reporter: corkers think that some of the transit agency surplus should be spent to make a deal. management thinks not. >> it's not just the surplus is just a number of other things that we have found in their budget.
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>> reporter: 0 the two sides are hopeful that it can be done. >> reporter: the devil is in the details and the numbers that they cannot agree on which is preventing them from moving forward. again, we do not know how much progress it will make or the union says it will be at work on friday. that's the latest back at the bargaining table tomorrow as i said there are still at it. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- whether or not bart workers go on strike friday. >> pam: bay area transit agencies have their plans in place. and say commuters should be thinking of a "plan b" now. >> pam: kron 4's justine waldman has your alternate routes. >> reporter:remember this? full ferries. long lines for
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>> reporter:plans are now in motion to keep the commute smooth in >> reporter: charter bus service >> reporter:thousand dollars for buses. $900,000 for buses. >> reporter:starting on friday 150 buses commuters. you can catch the free bus at the following 9 stations >> reporter:el cerrito del norte west oakland lafayette, concord walnut creek, dublin/ pleasanton ,hayward fremont and san leandro the buses will go to the san francisco transbay terminal from 5 am to 8 am. there will be 5 to 15 buses at each station during the weekday. parking at the bart stations is also free in the event of a strike. bart will also increase the amount of buses to 200 for next week. speaking of buses ac transit will put its biggest buses on its busiest routes
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which includes 60-footers making transbay runs. the fares stay the same. >> reporter:and sf bay ferry will put out all available vessels. the special schedule will have departures every 45minutes. the oakland to sf ferry building ride begins at 5:30am. for the evening commute. boats will start departing sf at 3:15. >> reporter:sf bay ferry is expecting extra riders and will have off boat ticket sales. falshcam tag the transit agencies tell me. they only need a few hours to get their strike plans in place. in the newsroom justine waldman kron 4 news. >> pam: stay connected with kron-4 on the bart negotiations. you can get the latest on our web site -- kron-4 dot com. as well as by checking our facebook and twitter pages. >> pam: you can also download our mobile app. and on the website and the mobile app, we have a section dedicated to bart. you can even get push alerts to get the latest information. >> pam: developing tonight. >> pam: officials now say, the body found in a stairwell at san francisco's general hospital yesterday
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morning, is believed to be that of a patient who had missing for weeks. lynne spaulding was reported missing by her nurse back on september 21st. friends and family have been franticly searching for the 57- year old mother. now it appears she did not get very far. kron 4's maureen kelly >> pam: attended a news conference today. where those in charge of patient security , appeared to be as baffled as everyone else. we do not know how she came to be in the stairwell yesterday , how long she had been there or what caused her death >> reporter:the body turned up on a fourth floor exterior stairwell.located behind the doorway you see in this video.17 days after lynne spaulding went missing from her hospital officials say they did institute a search of the campus.after her nurse found her room empty.but didn't find her. >> reporter:officials took no questions at the news conference and did not say if anyone looking for the patient had checked the area wereally turned up. one floor below
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from where spaulding disappeared >> reporter:the stairwell is a fire exit that is not routinuely used by staff patients or the is alarmed, locked from the outside and it exits into the hospital grounds at the very bottom of the stairwell. >> reporter:the body was discovered by an employee during what was described as a routine check which is done every three months. >> reporter:the assistant sheriff says they will be reviewing their internal security a part of their investigation. the hospital's cheif medical officer this is the first time anything like this has happened.and they want answers too. 36:50 what happened at our hospital is horrible, we are hear to take care of patients, to heal them to keep them safe, this has shaken us to our core >> reporter:our staff is devestated.
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i am committed to getting to the root cause of this tragedy and inshore and shore that this does that happen again. maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam: continuing our team coverage now. san francisco general is the city's main public hospital, with more than 590 patient beds. kron 4's charles clifford has put together a virtual tour of the hospital. and shows us where spaudling's body was found. >> reporter:this is an overhead google earth view of san francisco just to the west of highway 101.. east of petero avenue.. this is 23rd avenue. >> reporter:the emergency department is here on the south side of the building..the entrance is on the first floor. >> reporter:lynne spaulding was admitted to the hospital on sept 19th and according to her family, she was staying in a room on the
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fifth floor of the building.. which is the women's health center... her bed was apparently just steps away from the nursing station. >> reporter:now, the hospital says she was found on tuesday in an exterior stairwell on the fourth floor. we don't know exactly where but we believe she was found here on the north side of building 5. investigators were seen working in this area. >> reporter:this is video from inside the hospital on tuesday, it was taken on the fourth floor and you can see the door to the stairs is open there in the background and sheriffs department had the area taped off >> reporter:spaulding's body was eventually taken out of the hospital.. here near a courtyard...and them moved into a medical examiner van on the east side of the building... >> reporter:in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter:and new tonight at 8-30. some of lynne's friends are calling for the resignation of those in charge at s-f general. that's coming up in our next half hour.
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>> pam: a san francisco man charged with operating an illegal >> pam: the order came today during a hearing for ross ulbricht. >> pam: ulbrict is charged with operating an encrypted website, silkroad, where users could anonymously shop for illegal drugs. >> pam: it is believed the site made more than one - billion dollars in revenue. >> pam: the 29-year-old ulbricht is also charged in maryland. with arranging to pay someone to kill a witness. ulbrict's attorney has denied the charges. >> pam: new tonight at eight and only on kron4. caught in the act. kron four's philippe djegal shows us video of a woman stealing mail from an apartment complex on the penninsula. >> reporter:this surveillance video footage recorded just after six o'clock tuesday evening shows a dark colored suburban driving into the oak view apartments parking lot in san mateo. >> reporter:a woman wearing dark pants and a white shirt parks the suburban across from the office. then walks up to the main lobby. she acts like she may have misplaced her keys. >> reporter:so, a tenant lets her in.
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then once that tenant leaves. the woman takes a look around the looby. >> reporter:the she picks up three boxes and an envelope, then leaves. problem is -- the apartment manager, robert wenger says here. instead, she's stealing mailone of whom a grandmother who was expecting the knitting equipement she uses to make christmas gifts. >> reporter:wenger says the victims have filed police reports. if you recognize this woman. >> reporter:call police immediately. in san mateo, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: ahead at eight. the government shutdown is causing some people to behave badly. plus: one heroic k-9. what this crime-fighting dog helped officers uncover in the south bay. >> jacqueline: cooler out there today passport thanks to a storm passing to the east you will still see some showers and snow showers departing to the
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mike, it would be that we have been aware of this situation this is a serious nature and we are all
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accountable for our actions good and bad. there are other processes that will take place and no need to come any farther on it. recall the same ground there. >> pam: the 49 recon organization is aware of the recent relevant we do understand that the seriousness of this nature and will consider and will continue to serve as the mother to the spirit
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>> pam: the agriculture department is threatening to shut down three california poultry plants league to a salmonella outbreak. two of the faults of our plants are in fresno and another in livingston. they have until tomorrow to tell the that's how they are going to fix their problems. nearly 300 people across the country have been sickened by the outbreak. the plans are being accused of not following the proper safety measures designed to prevent contamination.
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>> pam: developing tonight. one day nine of the federal government shut down, there is still no sign of compromise. today president obama invited congressional leaders to a series of meetings over the next few days. the white house also avoided a potentially embarrassing side effect of the shutdown. catherine heenan reports. >> catherine: the budget in the sea has threatened to the late death benefits for families of fallen service members. they were reinstated today after a private donor agreed to cover from all and burial costs. first lady michelle obama has called off a weekend fund-raising trip to california. she had been scheduled to attend a $32,000 a head branch in san
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francisco on sunday, hosted by nancy pelosi. and a new gallup poll shows the republican brand has a record low. first in the latest survey, only 20 percent of americans say they'd be the party favorably. that's the lowest since gallup began asking the questions 20 years ago. by contrast, 43 percent you the democrats favorably. >> reporter: yes it is
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against federal law to sit inside a national monument it is closed. and if you get a ticket you have to appear in front of a federal judge. now this couple tried to say that they were not in the near what creek and that i was mistaken. when i tell them i work for the news they thought that i was some sort of ranger. now this group and the edge of the cannot gain access from the front so here they are inside the park. at exxon where are they from and they said that they are from moscow. i told them that the purpose " and they said that they knew. they said that is closed and we said on the we go on the top of the hill and hiked. so bad guy is not a postman
8:20 pm
he is actually a park ranger. the national park service is would rather not shut shut down the part by however if you're or injured inside the park you are held a lot they are held liable. at muir woods national monument kron 4 news stanley roberts. >> reporter: the stanley busing people chops' trying to visit they parks. >> reporter: people are putting on this but these pictures outside parks all outside of the country. trying to get married in yosemite but made the best of a bad situation posing in
8:21 pm
a down in texas same-signed disclosed that the park is closed. another same to reopen the national park. clearly is not a popular move with the masses. >> pam: news tonight at 8 >> pam: a new sight inside the third bore of the caldecott tunnel today. it's part of the new fourth- bore project. which is just months away from being completed. kron4's haaziq madyun gives you a close look at something bay area motorists are going to have to start getting used to. >> reporter:you will be seeing green the next time you travel through the third bore of the caldecott tunnel here on westbound hwy 24 and that is because of thesenew traffic lights being tested over the next several days "traffic signals with green lights very similar to traffic signals you would
8:22 pm
>> reporter:these new traffic lights are part of the caldecott fourth bore projectcaltrans spokesperson ivy morrison >> "the traffic signals are part of a very sophisticated fire and life safety system that is in the process of being installed in the 4th bore and the 3rd bore" >> reporter:also being tested inside the tunnels are these variable message signs that will read drive safely during the the testing period. messages signs will only be onto stay safe" >> reporter:the new safety system also includes these red and white crossing guards you see herethese barriers will be used to stop traffic in emergency situations. when fully implimentedthe traffic signals will display either red, yellow or green lightsdepending on traffic conditionsbores 1 and 2 are also slated for safety improvements but will not feature the new lighting system when the 4th bore has its grand opening >>
8:23 pm
"when we open to traffic, and we're on schedule o do that by the end of the year" >> reporter:inside the caldecott tunnel haaziq madyun kron4news >> jacqueline: temperatures in the '60s and '70s we briefly hit 78 degree in santa rosa of largely we were and low 70's out there. 64 in san francisco and 62 in redwood city. hitting 48 in santa rosa and 55 in san francisco with 61 in redwood city. warmer conditions and will be sought today with no cloud coverage was the conditions were largely in the '70s 75 in antioch and fairfield and santa rosa up derrick the warming trend will continue as we head
8:24 pm
into the weekend tomorrow we had a big day's gain. tomorrow we have a big aids at a san francisco hospital. for weeks. >> pam: new at 8-30. hear what her close friend has to say about the discovery. plus: what zeus. the crime- fighting dog sniffed out during a sting in the south bay.
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>> pam: a crime-fighting labrador zeus is a drug-sniffing k-9 with the mountain view police department. during a raid in santa clara county on tuesday, he helped officers find more than 100 pounds of marijuana.
8:27 pm
packaged for out of state sales. >> pam: he also sniffed out cocaine. and 75-thousand dollars cash. zeus joined the narcotics task force in june 2012. >> pam: coming up on kron 4 news at 8-- it's not just in the movies. >> pam: our grant lodes shows us the real life scare some cafe-goers got. all to promote a new film. plus: an outbreak of mysterious illnesses. where a large number of teachers say their school is making them sick. and coming up next. >> pam: and coming up next. a body found in a stairwell at a san francisco hospital is believed to be that of a patient. who'd missing for weeks. our j-r stone spoke with the missing woman's friend. hear what she has to say about the discovery. next.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. now at 8-30. >> pam: a disturbing discovery. >> pam: officials now say, the body found in a stairwell at san francisco's general hospital tuesday morning is believed spaulding. a patient who'd been missing from that hospital for weeks. >> pam: friends and family have been franticlly searching for the 57- year old mother. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: kron 4's jr stone joins us now. with what some of lynn's friends are calling for. jr?
8:31 pm
>> reporter: is obvious that someone here made mistakes and that person or persons need to be punished you go there to be taking care of and to be washed in cap and i on. it doesn't make sense to me at all. when these cases happened and i know that they do not happen that often but i'm sure something has to be in place. when you hear that security has searched the hospital you believe them. they are professionals and experts and supposedly dealing with that are supposed to be going. doing what they are supposed to be
8:32 pm
doing. she had a great smile. you would think the people running the hospital is reprimanded or resign. i do not leave the chair should be able to work there. >> reporter: very strong words from dance friends. there are people out giving suppliers and told different things about the possible hospital video she is under the impression that it is not just the hospital officials would not answer any questions this afternoon j.r. stone kron 4 news >> pam: an elaborate prank at a new york city coffee shop.all tocameras captured the terror.and now the video has quickly gone viral. grant is here to break it down for us. 6 >> reporter: teen million dues in less than three days. the press scaring the
8:33 pm
living daylights out of people at the trendy shot. shop. vido video screaming >> reporter:the movie is about a young girl from a troubled background who discovers she has the power to move objects. >> reporter: sprinkled it pictures and books spring loaded pictures and books is of hominy people were
8:34 pm
terrified and the coffee shop. one girl gets up and knocks over b-girls coffee. mission accomplished. generating bus ahead of the movie's debut. harmesh: best prank by far. tanya: that really doesn't make me want to run out and see it. linda: it would be scary if you didn't know what was going on. but it would be fun to be a part of it lol >> reporter: we always want your opinion on what people are talking about and blowing up the internet. >> reporter: you ever think your school could be causing this?
8:35 pm
>> pam: coming up lesson plan that passed students puzzled. and >> pam: the father of the young boy who sneaked onto a las vegas flight recently. spoke publically today. he claims he has begged for help for his troubled son
8:36 pm
8:37 pm
>> pam: but didn't get it. and as kron4's catherine heenan reports, we're learning more about some of the other trouble the boy has caused. i am not giving up on my son. >> catherine: the boy's father wore a black hoodie - with a baseball cap pulled over his face. saying he doesn't want his identity released. he says the incident which made national news -- his
8:38 pm
son managing to get through three levels of checkpoints before sneaking onto a delta flight to vegas. has been 'heartbreak' for the family. >> "he said he was taking the trash out, from my understanding, he took the trash out and just left.i'm a parent i'm not perfect. we assumed that he was at a friend's house. we had no idea where he was." >> catherine: surveillance video reportedly shows the boy boarding the plane while the delta agent was distracted. the father claims he's been asking for behavioral help since his son was five. "will anyone please help me?" >> catherine: it has emerged that the boy stole this truck and crashed it after a short police chase -- just two days before he boarded the flight to vegas. >> catherine: he crashed into this police car at the time - causing thousands in
8:39 pm
damage. authorities say he also stole a car just weeks ago. and there have been four child protection assessments on the boy's family since 2012. >> catherine: there are also allegations of a troubled past. with the boy claiming his mother once held a knife to his throat. but he also claimed she was 'stabbed and died' -- while in fact his mother is alive, and reportedly works at the minneapolis airport. ch kron4 news. >> pam: the father said authorities had argued that the boy hadn't "done enough" to warrant help. because of all the attention this has stirred up - that's expected to change. the nine-year-old has been in protective custody. and may be returned home friday. >> pam: coming up. concern tonight. over something mysteriosuly making people sick at a california school.
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
>> pam: a large number of teachers at malibu high school in southern california say, the school is making them sick. and causing an outbreak of cancers. the teachers say, recent construction, and possibly
8:42 pm
moldy classrooms, have led to a pattern of illnesses among the staff. >> pam: a concerned group has hired environmental consultants. to try to find the source of skin diseases, thyroid cancers and other serious illnesses. now parents are concerned for their children. miguel marquez has the story. >> reporter:this morning, concern and confusion at this california school. parents speaking out. "my kids are terrified. yes, absolutely." >> reporter:fear after 20 teachers sent a letter saying something at the school was possibly making them sick. their claim, three teachers diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the last six months, another with bladder cancer and others complaining of migraines, mysterious rashes, hair loss and asthma. >> reporter:14-year-old christian pierce had a brain tumor when he was six. "do you even want to come back to school?" "not really. as long as i can stay away from school until this done i'll be happy. i'm scared." >> reporter:he's clear of it
8:43 pm
now but his family moved here for the healthy lifestyle. "one of the reasons why we chose malibu is because we're by the ocean, the air is fresher." >> reporter:trouble in paradise. the district saying it doesn't know if the illnesses are coincidence or not. nicholas wiseman, a junior, has dealt with migraines, rashes and asthma for years. "did you ever think it could be your school that's causing this?" "no. no. i thought it was the seasons changing. like the weather changing." >> reporter:the family pulled out shrubs, even took out a wall the root of the problem. "this comes as a shock to you, obviously." >> reporter:"it's appalling. you think you're doing the right thing and then you're suddenly have this total self doubt that you're not at all." this, the biggest problem for parents, inadequate information, the school slow
8:44 pm
to react. "i don't know what to do. i'm just a mother." >> reporter:for now, the school is closing one building, relocating students and conducting a full environmental review. miguel marquez, c-n-n, malibu, california.
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look at satellite radar picture still seeing some showers at the sierra. you can still see snow mixed in paris a >> jacqueline: it will be a little chilly tonight and tomorrow warming temperatures will be coming into the weekend. tomorrow morning, a lot of low 50s with the upper '40's makes the man. widespread 67 at the noon hour. 74 and cupertino, and san jose and when bellies with low 70's for the most part and it
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70's for davenport and antioch. range of 70's for the north bay. still we have an important baseball game tomorrow game 5! low sixties for the most part during the game. hitting 80 degrees on monday. >> pam: more bad news for the 49ers aldon smith. smith - who is currently away from the team in rehab - has now been hit with three felony weapons charges for possession of an assault weapon these charges stemming from a party at smith's house in june of last year in which of the party - allegedly partygoers
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: smith the latest from the team he has of course taking a step away from the team being and rehab. charges stemming from a party as smith's house in june of last year in which allegedly shooting one of the party course. partygoers'. >> gary: the santa clara county da's office expects smith to surrender later this month here's what his coach had to say >> gary: if convicted smith faces up to four years in jail he also faces suspension
8:52 pm
from the nfl for violating the substance abuse policy stemming from his second dui arrest >> gary: 49ers cornerback tremaine brock was named the nfc defensive player of the week >> gary: schaub early in the niners 34-3 win over the texans sunday brock had another pick of schaub later in the first half. he became the first niner cornerback since walt harris in 2006 to be so honored. charles woodson afc def. >> gary: player o'week woodson was named the afc defensive player of the week >> gary: 16 year veteranhad 8 tackles, returned a fumble recovery for a touchdown and picked off a pass in the raiders 27-17 win over the chargers sunday night.
8:53 pm
>> gary: the touchdown was a record-tying 13th defensive td for woodson, tying him with rod woodson and darren sharper >> mechanics as a quarterback as well approved yet he can still get out of the pocket and take place. make plays. he's really improved in those areas and he has been a great athlete and and profane. at improving.
8:54 pm
>> gary: he went all the way scattering all over the place. champagne time! but when the series and now playing the dodgers in the national championship series game won friday! set for st. louis. and >> gary: bob melvin is going with rookie sonny grayas his starting pitcher for game 5 of the al division series between the a's and detroit tigers tomorrow night bypassing bartolo colon >> gary: gray shut down the tigers in innings and striking out 9 the a's eventually won 1-0 on stephen vogt's walkoff single
8:55 pm
>> gary: the tigers will counter with justin verlander who matched gray in game 2 with 7 scoreless innings verlander pitched a shutout to eliminate the a's last >> gary: alicea back more is pinks the name >> pam: i can get some tickets >> jacqueline: corey hart >> gary: i like peakpink! >> gary: she had a real tough upbringing and failed relationships. with violence and soft you can read her story but somehow she prevailed.
8:56 pm
>> gary: it was three in the morning and i could not sleep. >> pam: (laughter) >> jacqueline: (laughter) >> gary: that is my time to reflect the spirit tweet me about 330 in the morning and i am up! i like pink! the >> gary: video >> gary: girardi staying with yankees manager joe girardi has signed a four- year, $16 million contract extension to stay with the yankees >> gary: led the team to the playoffs in four of his six seasons, 2009. it was reported that cubs g-m theo epstein had been pursuing girardi for that
8:57 pm
>> gary: that's the radio call on 19 year old thomas hertl's 4th goal of the night at the shark tank last night hertl led the sharks to a 9-2 win over the rangers his mom and girlfriend celebrated the moment is from the czech republic - came back to the ice for an adorable interview with brodie brazil hertl was the 17th overall pick in the 2012 draft he leads the nhl with 6 >> that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or apps. >> pam: our next newscast is tonight goodnight. female announcer: save up to 35%
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